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We would like to take this opportunity to respectfully acknowledge that we are located on Treaty 6 territory, a traditional and ancestral meeting grounds, gathering place, and travelling route to the Metis people of Alberta, the Inuit and the ancestral territory of the Cree, Dene (De-nay),  Blackfoot, Saulteaux (So-toe) and Nakota Sioux (Sue) people. We are grateful for the traditional knowledge keepers and Elders who are still with us today and those who have gone before us.  We recognize the land as an act of reconciliation and gratitude to those whose territory we reside on or are visiting.  


Aboriginal Head Start Edmonton

Our Head Start program aims to strengthen and prepare Aboriginal children ages 3 - 5 with the necessary school-readiness skills and cultural foundation to enter mainstream schools on an equal basis with all other children in a positive, fun, stimulating, and respectful learning environment. Our main program philosophy is “Learning Through Play”.

Our Mission

The Aboriginal Head Start Programs will strengthen and prepare the Aboriginal child with the cultural knowledge and emergent literacy skills needed to excel in school and life. This will take place with the support, guidance and active participation of parents and Elders. These key players will ensure that programming provides the child with positive experiences through a culturally enriched curriculum.

Our Vision

To provide an environment where the Aboriginal pre-school child has the opportunity to learn and practice their culture as part of the curriculum. Head Start provides each child exposure to the required emergent literacy skills that prepare them to enter school on an equal basis with all other children. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in the education of their child through a variety of program involvement opportunities.




Welcome to our Aboriginal Head Start program…a place where your child will be welcomed, encouraged to  participate and have an amazing time in the most fabulous and fun learning environment.  The children will laugh, love and learn through play, while meeting many new friends and diving into activities and experiences that are sure to make your child’s time in our program a memorable one!   We are honoured you have chosen our Aboriginal Head Start program as your child’s first step in their educational journey and we look forward to working together to explore the dynamic needs of each and every child and their family community who enter through our program doors.  We can’t wait to meet you all…


Hiy Hiy

Melissa Nollski

Why Choose Aboriginal Head Start?

  • NO COST to your family.

  • We welcome children from all over the city of Edmonton.

  • FREE bussing is provided to families living within site specific boundaries.

  • 2 snacks and a warm lunch is provided at each site daily.

  • No Status Card is needed to enroll.

  •  Families need to identify as having Aboriginal ancestry.

  • Access to Specialized Services (Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Supports…)

  • Access to gymnastics, yoga, swimming and other extra curricular activities.

  • Parent Education Groups.

  • In-Home Family Support.

  • And so much more...

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